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Parc Systems electrical protection testing services

  Parc Systems offers a range of electrical protection testing services comprising -
  • Secondary injection testing either by hard wiring into the relay terminals or via test plugs if available on the front of the panel
  • Primary injection testing via CT's
  • Writing automatic test procedures for use with computerised secondary injection test sets. (See below.)
  • Circuit breaker functionality testing via tripping contacts from protection
  • Minor repairs to protective relays

Automatic test procedures

To save time and money, many installations are now acquiring the latest computerised test equipment such as the ISA model type DRTS6 or the Omicron CM356.  Parc Systems can write test programs for these sets that are unique to a specific installation. We will structure the project by switchboard and  cubicle number and write the programs to test at the specific relay settings for any particular cubicle. Using this technique any operator will  be able to use the program in the future without fear of inserting incorrect values thus creating a spurious set of failed results. Please contact  us for further information on this service.

New website feature! Calculate your relay trip times

Why not use our new calculator feature to calculate the trip times of your overcurrent or thermal relays. Tripping curves based on the IEC formulas for all types of inverse curves.

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