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Resale services

Why not buy direct from us?

Having made your selection of either test equipment or relays, why not buy directly from Parc Systems. Although we cannot guarantee any discount it is more than likely that as we are dealing with major suppliers on a regular basis that we may be able to negotiate some discount on your behalf. You are of course more than welcome to go to these suppliers directly should you wish.There are some useful links to major suppliers in the drop down menu above.

Still not sure which relay suits your needs?

This website has a useful download section where you can download brochures and drawings for most manufacturers types of protection. Alternatively, feel free to contact a member of our staff who will be glad to assist you.

New website feature! Calculate your relay trip times

Why not use our new calculator feature to calculate the trip times of your overcurrent or thermal relays. Tripping curves based on the IEC formulas for all types of inverse curves.

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