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The history behind Parc Systems

  You will notice that throughout this website there are a large number of references to a company called CEE Relays Ltd.

It will therefore come as no surprise that the founder of Parc Systems spent a number of years at CEE working his way up through the company  having started as a mere assembly worker in the factory in the late 1980's.

With the developement in the early 1990's of computerised secondary injection test sets, Mr Paul Robinson (the founder of Parc Systems) was seconded to  write test programs for use with this new equipment.

Despite the fact that at this point in time he new little of electrical protection and the function of the relays, his passion for computers as a hobby  lead him on a quest to learn more about this complex subject. He subsequently moved into the test and repairs department and this new position together with  home studies quickly enabled him to start writing the test procedures required to drive these new automatic sets.

It was a frantic time. Programs had to be developed quickly as there were many competitors. The resultant outcome was that having to demonstrate this new  testing technique to various companies and also write programs for many electrical networks, including offshore installations, Mr Paul Robinson very  quickly became conversant in this field.

Now, 20+ years later, having written hundreds of test programs and serviced over 30 offshore/onshore installations, we are now working as an independant service  provider and consultancy company purely specialising in this field.

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New website feature! Calculate your relay trip times

Why not use our new calculator feature to calculate the trip times of your overcurrent or thermal relays. Tripping curves based on the IEC formulas for all types of inverse curves.

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