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The only site you will ever need for all your electrical protection needs

  Parc Systems is a company that specialises in the routine maintenance and commissioning of electrical protective relays. With over 20 years of  experience in the field, both offshore and onshore, we believe we offer an uncomparable service in this highly complex field of electrical engineering.   Many offshore installations and onshore power stations were built over 30 years ago but are still using old technology. I guess the philosophy is  if it still works then dont change it. As a result, there are still many old style electro-mechanical relays out there in the field still performing  the function they were intended to do many years ago. Dont worry! Wether it be electo-mechanical relays such as the old style GEC CDG range or modern  state of the art multi-fucnction relays such as the the CEE relays NP range, we have the resources to test it.

Parc Systems also offers a range of other services as well as routine testing. Please browse through our site using the easy to use navigation menu above and find out how some of our other services can help your company. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that Parc Systems will offer you -
  • Professional friendly advice
  • Easy to understand closeout reports and test results
  • A guarantee that our work will be carried to the highest standards
  • Conformity to all risk assessments, SAFOP and HAZAN discussions
  • Safety as a number one priority
  • Outstanding after sales support by phone or email
  • Highly competive prices for both onshore and offshore contracts

New website feature! Calculate your relay trip times

Why not use our new calculator feature to calculate the trip times of your overcurrent or thermal relays. Tripping curves based on the IEC formulas for all types of inverse curves.

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